Gilles Didier Parisot

Gilles Parisot

Gilles Didier Parisot is Chairman and Founder of Actigenomics (Lausanne, Switzerland), a pharmaceutical lab specialized in nutritional research. With his associate Professor Walter Whali, Chief of Research for Actigenomics and Head of the Genomic Research Department of the Lausanne University, they have developed numerous medical researches and discoveries on the metabolic syndrome. After holding a position within the Marketing Department of Ogilvy&Mather Advertising, Gilles has been Chairman of Market Sight (Paris, France), a consulting firm specialized in market studies and strategic reports, and then Chairman of Bioresearch & Partners (Lausanne, Switzerland). Gilles is a Board Member of the Africa Alive Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland). He has graduated from the  Institute of Political Science and he has a PhD in Law and Finance. He has received the title of Doctor honoris causa from the Buenos Aires University.