Pierre Dassas


Pierre Dassas is Chairman of The House of the Rising Stars Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland), Chairman of the European Leadership Network (Diplomacy & Defense issues, USA – Europe – Middle East). He is also Chairman of the Africa Alive Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland) and a board member of the Hudson Institute (Washington, D.C., USA) and of the Actigenomics Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland). He is currently Dassas & Co.’s Chairman (Paris, France) and Chief Creative Officer of the Paris, New York and Moscow companies. In 1980 he created Dassas Communication and ICOM (New York, NY, USA) which was ranked in the late 1980s as the #1 Private Worldwide Advertising Corporation (4,000 employees and €4.2 billion). He was previously Marketing Manager for Colgate Palmolive in New York and Paris, before joining the New Information and Advertising Company (SNIP) as CEO. Pierre Dassas graduated from both Economic Sciences College and Paris Trade and Industry Chamber.