The Foundation The House of The Rising Stars, in partnership with the CSFRS and the Jeunes de l’IHEDN, organises the 3rd edition of the RISING GENERATION, on Wednesday 19 June 2019 at the Ecole Militaire – Paris.

Have you always dreamed of going on stage to defend your project or your vision of the world? You have a soul of “Géo Trouvetou” and you want to seize the opportunity to present your latest invention? This day is for you: come to promote your ideas or projects in the prestigious Military Academy ! This event is intended to demonstrate the ability of young people – aged 25 to 35 – to inspire the future of our country.

Applicants submit their projects in two categories of their choice:

“World Vision”: the prize is awarded for the best service that will offer an interpretation of the world, our societies and contemporary issues, while favouring a forward-looking approach

“Innovative project”: the prize is awarded for the best oral presentation of an innovative project

We select 12 young people from among all the applications who will have to convince of the originality and relevance of their project and their vision for France, in 7 minutes in front of a jury of experts and an audience that will be gathered at the amphitheatre des Vallières.

To register for the competition, go to this link:

ATTENTION: Applications sent after May 30th, 2019 will not be accepted.

At the end of this competition, the jury will deliberate, and the winners of the competition will receive prizes up to 5000€. At the end of the afternoon, following the closing speech, a cocktail will be served to discuss in a friendly atmosphere with all the participants and organizers, while attending the presentation of the prizes of our brilliant winners!

We hope to count you among us!

The House Of The Rising Stars Team


– 2018 –


The first edition of the Global Governance Index (GGI 2019) was presented at preview showing during the Assises de la Recherche Stratégique, organized by the Conseil Supérieur de la Formation et la Recherche Stratégiques (CSFRS).

The event was held at the Ecole Militaire in Paris on December 6th. Our preview was done in two steps : a ten-minutes public presentation in the late morning, followed by a lunch-debate at the invitation of The House of Rising Stars Foundation that was be attended by our Rising Stars, Board members, journalists and other guests.

To know more about the Global Governance Index (GGI), the results and the methodology, please visit the following website




We are recruting !

The House of the Rising Stars is looking for a intern project manager in charge of development and communications between February and August 2019. A stipend will be provided. If you are interested, please download the following internship offer.



MAY 2018

General Bernard de Courrèges d’Ustou, director of the Institute for Higher National Defense Studies (IHEDN), welcomed Pierre Dassas, director of The House of the Rising Stars Foundation, in his office at the Paris Military School for an interview on the topic of youth commitment.

APRIL 2018

Mona Makram-Ebeid, one of the Foundation’s Board members et lecturer at the American University in Cairo, gave a conference on April 11 for the France-Egypt Association. You can read about her intervention here (in French):

Conférence de Mona Makram-Ebeid.


What is the objective of The House of the Rising Stars Foundation’s Rating Agency ? Our Rising Stars and Board members explain it in the following video:


On January 22nd, Pierre Dassas, President of The House of the Rising Stars Foundation, moderated a debate organized after the theater piece Les Fantômes de la Rue Papillon, played at the Théâtre du Gymnase (Paris). Renown speakers intervened in this debate on religions and religious communities in France : Raphaël Enthoven, philosopher and writer ; Haïm Korsia, Grear Rabbi of France; Manuel Valls, deputy and former Prime Minister ; Dr Ghaleb Bencheikh, physicist and Islam specialist ; and Father Patrick Desbois, Director of the National Service of French Bishops for relations with Judaism.


– 2017 –


World Rising Initiative 2017

The third edition of World Rising Initiative took the form of a lunch-debate between our Rising Stars and three renown speakers : General Bernard de Courrèges d’Ustou, the IHEDN’s Director ; Michel Hervé, President of the Hervé Group; and Renaud Girard, war reporter.


Event : The ANAJ-IHEDN, the CSFRS and The House of the Rising Stars Foundation co-organized the second edition of Rising Generation on November 23rd at the Paris Military School. This event is meant to highlight the ability of young people to design the future according to their own expectations. 12 candidats either presented their “World vision” or their “Innovative project” and could stand a chance to win one of 4 awards. This year’s winners are :

Innovative project : 
Audience award : Ekhi Busquet – Les Estampillés
Jury award : Juliette Gabrion, Sophie Lacaze and Julia Schmit – Follow’her Association

World vision :
Audience award : Alexandre Fauconnet – Is France still ready for sacrifices ?
Jury award : Axel Carrot and Amaury de Pillot de Coligny – Which words for tomorrow’s war ?



For the news digest of this month, Arnaud Borremans suggests the following:


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– 2016 –


The World Rising Initiative 2016 took place on December 15th, 2016, and its general theme was “A fragmented world : the centrifugal forces of globalisation” at the Ecole Militaire.

Presentation of the VIIth Annual Conference of the CSFRS’s general theme (in French)
Program of the VIIth Annual Conference of the CSFRS (in French)
Watch the full video of the Conference here



“Rising Generation 2016” took place at the Ecole Militaire on November 5th, 2016. 12 “Rising Stars” presented their vision of the world or their start-up project in 7 minutes. The distinguished candidates were awarded on December 15th 2016 during the CSFRS’s annual conference.
World Rising Initiative 2016 – Rising Generation, a partnership with the ANAJ-IHDEN and the CSFRS
Report on the 2016 World Rising Initiative : Rising Generation
Rising Generation 2016 – Ecole Militaire, November 2016

MAY 2016
News Digest – May 2016 by Arnaud Borremans (in French)
MARCH 2016
News Digest – March 2016 by Arnaud Borremans (in French)
News Digest – February 2016 by Arnaud Borremans (in French)
News Digest – January 2016 by Arnaud Borremans (in French)


– 2015 –



Report on the 2015 WRI/Assises du CSFRS – commented report on the World Rising Initiative that took place during the Vth Assises of the CSFRS on December 1st, 2015 at Ecole Militaire, Paris.

Who is the Ennemy ? – Ecole Militaire, December 2015

On 1st December 2015, six of our Rising Stars took part in the 2015 2015 World Rising Initiative organised in partnership with the Conseil Supérieur pour la Formation et la Recherche Stratégiques (CSFRS) in Paris.
Below are several of the Rising Stars’ expert take on the thematic question asked by the ‘Assises’: “Who is the enemy?”
Marcelle Balt is a communications consultant for social development projects. She has several years of experience in African humanitarian field operations and journalism. She has a MPhil in Community and Development (Stellenbosch, South Africa).
Marcelle – Eleven hours
Bertrand Epstein is Major in the French Army Light Aviation. He graduated from Saint-Cyr School (2002) and was certified by the French-German Army School to be a Tigre helicopter pilot (2008).
Bertrand – Who is the enemy?
Chad O’Carroll is the founder of NK News, a North Korea specialised news, information and data service that serves researchers, academics and business people around the world. Chad established the website in 2010; it has since become the #1 source of information on North Korea.
Chad – Who is the enemy



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